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Thursday, November 29, 2012

More CQ . a site to see, and news

Two of my favourite people have new publications available right now and I have to tell you about them...

1.  Pam Kellogg has issued her 'Crazy Quilt Strawberry Ornaments' booklet on MagCloud.  You can check it out (and see a preview) HERE.  These would be beautiful on a Christmas tree or as a lovely ornament to leave out all year.

2.  Pat Winter has the new Winter 2012 issue of the 'Crazy Quilt Gatherings' magazine available now and, as always, it looks like a winner.  I've ordered mine...can't wait!  This time, if you order the print version, you can get the digital version for free!!  Go HERE

Suzy has made the most gorgeous (understatement!!) scarf for the Pink Scarf Project and has posted pictures on her blog.  Oh my - her work is beyond beautiful!!!  Go HERE  to see and be sure you scroll down to see all the exquisite detail.

Finally, I leave you with some images of the details I've added to my hussif project...


  1. I like what you are doing in this hussif. Great colors.

    I also saw Suzy's shawl and it is indeed beautiful. I have to start knitting mine.



  2. I like your hussif stitching! Ordered my copy of Pat's CQ mag, and then read the digital. Fun!

  3. wow great links!! smashing colours on this hussif too MA


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