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Friday, November 23, 2012

Hussif.... times 2

This is the start of a second hussif.  I have been asked to teach a workshop for our local quilt guild in February on crazy quilting.  Gulp!!  The one I showed you yesterday will be embellished in my usual style, whereas this one will be a bit more subdued and will be the basis for the workshop class.  This will be evolving as I go along into something I hope will prove to be a workable pattern.

I thought I'd show you something that I use all the time and can be found in your local hardware store. Yep, sewing supplies are sold in hardware stores too (who knew?)....

See those two strips of green above and below the line of
stitching I'm working on?

It's actually 1/4 inch painter's tape and is one of the move invaluable tools I have in my stitching arsenal.  Maybe I shouldn't tell you about it because it will spoil all your illusions that I have a straight eye (oops). serves as a great measuring tool and helps to keep my stitches more-or-less the same size and relatively straight.  It's found in the painting section of the hardware store and is marketed as 'painter's tape'.  ***Don't make the mistake of getting regular masking tape because it leaves a residue on your fabric which, in turn, grabs up dirt and looks grubby in no time. ***   Painter's tape is quite inexpensive and a roll will last a long time. It's also reusable several times over.

Here's a close-up so you can see the flowers...


  1. Congrats on the upcoming class! Wish I could be there.
    Nice tip on the tape, and your hussif is looking good!

  2. I hate to admit I had to look up *hussif* as somehow, in ALL the sewing I've done, I never heard the term used. *BLUSH*
    I will have to check for the 1/4" painters tape. Used to have that in quilting tape, but it was so sticky it stuck to the roll, and to fabric too. Waaaaaay too much!
    Your work is, as always, LOVELY!


  3. Seriously spooky........I bought you some gizitty bits in turq today BUT hadnt seen this nor knew what the colour was!! and yet these are PERFecT!! Are we really sisters separated at birth???? Id best post them sooner rather than the purple one first!!

  4. Great colors and patching on both.

    thanks for the tip on the painters tape.



  5. I am a big CQ fan rules to follow.

  6. Oooh, I love the color of this one!

  7. lovely work!!! and a class....well done you!


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