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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pink - of a different sort

Very little on the stitching front done today, so I decided to show you this instead....

.... a knitted (and felted) wine bottle carrier I made for a Christmas present for a friend who makes her own wine. Thought the flowers would make it a touch more feminine!


  1. Does she make pink wine? lol

  2. What a cheerful little gift bag.I can imagine that for those that don't partake of the grape you could use it for many a goodie...

  3. shocking pink=love--but i saw a doggie sock --after the email i just sent you, i *reallY * think i need new glasses :)

  4. Very cute MA! My dad used to make beer. It was disgusting! Well, dad liked it and Scott liked it but it had floaty's in it. Dad said it was the yeast. Okay, yeast is for bread! LOL!! I don't care for beer anyway. But this is too cute!

  5. Considering you do pink gal, you manage to make it look pretty good!
    Reckon she should make sloe gin for this ...........its a great colour and SO delish home made!

  6. oh I like this!I'm a bit of a pink lover at heart.

  7. I have quite a bit to catch up on've been busy in the Pink Month of October!...a good color any time I am thinking

    I always enjoy the diversity of your creativity


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