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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

A special treat today!

I had a great time today meeting an on-line friend and her husband who had driven up to visit relatives in Toronto from their home in the US.  We arranged to meet at their hotel and have lunch with them.  Of course on-line stitching friends can't get together without a big show and share session (the mens eyes glazed over, but they were good sports) and a wee exchange of gifties.  My gift for her was one of the pincushions I showed yesterday and imagine my surprise when I dug into a giant bag of white stash enhancement which was her gift to me!  I will be stitching with white for some time to come (and loving every minute of it I might add).

Who did I meet? 

In the middle, Freda and Harv Butler,
my DH (Jack) on the right, and me
just after we'd finished a delicious lunch.

Thank you Freda and Harv for a delightful day!


  1. How lovely. It's always nice to put a face to someone you only know online. I hope lunch was good.

  2. What a treat. I have been lucky to meet a few of my blogger friends and it is always a delight.

  3. It's nice meeting blogger mates---I have met about 9 of mine so far and I am always amazed at how well we have gotten on together.
    It always seems as though we have been friends forever.

  4. Aw how fun that all look great!

  5. the best friends are definitly those who bring white!


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