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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Food for the kings!

(or at the very least for the parents!)

We had our #1 son home on the weekend and he, being a chef, decided that we should be guinea pigs for a recipe he wanted to try out.  As if we'd turn THAT down!!!

Now doesn't that look good??

Tasted good too!!

- - - - -

Here's a couple of things I thought you might be interested in...

1.  Pat Winter has just finished her crazy quilt calendar for 2013 and it's beautiful!  I have my copy on order (and a spot on my studio wall reserved for it).  You can get a preview (and order your copy) HERE

2.  I have rather a fascination with hexagons at the moment (thanks to Karen Ruane) and Michele has completed a quilt top that absolutely is stunning.  The hours of work   pleasure that went into making it simply boggle the mind.  Go HERE.


  1. Soooo, what was that food?

  2. Rats! Now I'm hungry..........and I already ate!

  3. Your son can visit us anytime MA - it looks like Lamb with a cranberry jus and barley or Israli cous cous and wilted spinach - YUM YUM!!!!

    lovely links you shared - thank you!
    Shane ♥
    ps I know I owe you an email!!!

  4. I'm sitting here chuckling to myself about the dinner your son made.. When I first read your post I thought he cooked a guinea pig!!!
    Forgive me.. I turned 77 to-day!!!! so I have an excuse! VBG
    The presentation looked wonderful!
    I looked at your hexagon quilt.. It is really beautiful.. I'm sure you would agree that hand sering is like therapy.. for me it is.. If I am unsettles I grab something to sew by hand..
    Have a great day..

  5. MMMmmm ... that sooo looks yummy ... sitting far back so as not to drool on the keyboard!
    Hugs Marie


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