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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Latest jacket....

I know I don't normally post on the weekend but this jacket is hot off the press (well, sewing machine) so I thought I'd let you see it....

This is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, which will mean the consumption of lots of turkey and trimmings. We'll be joining friends on Monday to celebrate the day and, in all likelihood, eat FAR too much!


  1. I especially love the sleeves on that jacket! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Maybe I'll start celebrating with the Canadians in October instead of waiting until November. Thanksgiving feasting sounds pretty good to me!

  2. Happy Tday! I still have a lot of time to decide about ours.

  3. No excuse for loosing your keys with all those pockets MA---it looks good.

  4. A great jacket! For a film maker maybe? lol

  5. I hope you had a fantastic thanksgiving....

  6. You are all gonna be sooo jealous!

    I am the proud new owner of this scrumptious creation ... and let me tell you ... as good as MA' pic is ... it is sooo much more wonderful in person!

    I've had so many compliments and comments about it ... at work ... in the grocery store ... and from neighbours ... and it fits like ... perfect!

    MA made me a blue denim one for me many years ago ... and over time and with wear ... it was beginning to get somewhat tattered ... so asked her to make a new "black" one ... and this is it!

    It is nice & warm ... perfect for this time of year ... and I simply love it!

    I feel so special! Thanks a million my dear!

    Love & Hugs ... Marie


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