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Friday, October 05, 2012

Gimp and bucket lists

Today Mary Corbet (of NeedlenThread) has a review of silk gimp thread on her blog HERE.  I was quite interested to read her post because back in the day (probably about 60 or 70 years ago) my mother worked with gimp to make belts and small purses.  I undertook a search for the thread several years ago and had no success.  It's nice to know it's being made again. 

Here's a photo of a belt that my mother started (and never got finished)...

On a total 'nother topic - last night I did something extremely scary and modeled in a fashion show.  Yep - me (who is terrified of getting up in front of people) actually walked the plank runway.  If I had been writing a bucket list for myself I know that modeling wouldn't have been on there!  On the plus side I didn't fall on my face AND I think I put the clothes on right side out (which I'm sure was a bonus). 


  1. Any pix of your modeling career???

  2. Yeah MA I believe the talent scouts are on their way for your signature.

  3. LOL!! You funny!
    Thanks to Mary, I found out a found and fave thread I've used is silk gimp! How about that!
    Yay for going for the gusto!

  4. Good for you girl!!
    Swing that tush lol
    I posted the book and latest Workbox and then blow me, found the latest Stitch mag in the shops today duhhh But will pop that in the mail next week too before I misplace it lol
    : )

  5. walking the 'plank' :)...well done YOU!
    sounds like a fun time (probably looking back more than the anticipation of it?)
    Love how what is old is new again and again...I thought gimp was plastic to make key rings out of (we used something similar in girl scouts way back when)

    Happy weekend dear MA

  6. super model!! Well done you. I worked with gimp at university, it was green, kind of an olive colour.


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