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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stitchin' and Nursin'

Just thought I should post some proof that yes, I have been stitching today!  Here's the beginnings of the back of another recycled denim jacket.  It still needs lots of bling to make it look 'right'.

I'm continuing the chief nursemaid and cook duties.  We haven't died yet so I guess the food I'm managing to make must be edible......


  1. Sorry to hear Jack not well (is it the "man flue" ?

  2. Hope your DH is all better real soon!

  3. What's up with Mr Mumblings? I have not been on here much lately and just noticed he was ill. You need me to send you some recipes???

  4. I am very happy to hear you are not dead! Love your crazy denim....

  5. Hi MA,

    Sorry to hear that Jack is not feeling well. I'm sure your cooking is fine! I thought of him the other day. Been wanting to make his chocolate impossible pie.


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