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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A revisitation

Some of you may remember this piece from awhile ago, which remained unfinished but never out of mind.  It's from an online course by Carole Brungar called 'The Road To My House'.  Other things came up and I never got around to actually finishing it - along with the fact that there is limited wall space in our apartment.  What to do?

Well, sez I, why couldn't I more or less combine the ledger class AND the 'Road' class into one?  So I have cut (gulp) the wall hanging into three pieces which will fit absolutely perfectly into my ledger (meant to be, some would say).  I worked on the first section today.....

This is by no means completed!

Go HERE to visit Carole.


  1. Looks very dear to my heart. Are you coming into Toronto at all? J

  2. An artist after my own heart! my work frequently ends up in unexpected destinations, often in pieces rearranged. And often it's better that way. This one looks interesting however you present it.

  3. How exciting!!! Good on you for being brave and adventurous and doing your own thing. I'm very proud of you xx

  4. Now that's inspirational MA!
    I wanted to do that class too, but my machine is a very basic Janome and I couldn't do the Free motion - any ideas??
    Look forward to seeing more of your ledger pages too.
    Shane x

  5. Triffic idea, much better than folded in the linen cupboard. :)

  6. What a great idea. I think we all have run out of wall space so now we can start filling tables and dressers with our books.
    That is what I am planning on these days.

    Carole's classes look so interesting.


  7. I think that I should take a 'page' out of your book and cut up a few of my earlier works. The ledger sounds like a perfect solution!!

  8. Inspired and looking fabulous MA! Bet the first cut was hard, but worth it ...

    Happy September Weekend to you and yours

  9. brilliant idea and well done on the bravery front.


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