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Friday, September 07, 2012

Pretties, and a request

Here's a virtual bouquet of flowers,
to you, from me,
with love!

- - - - - 

Now for the request part of this post.  Do any of you happen to know where I could get a really nice pattern or tutorial for making a hussif?  I'm trying to compile ideas because I have committed myself to teach a 2 day workshop in crazy quilting next winter for our local quilt guild.  They would like to end up with a useful project (rather than 'just' a block).  I've toyed with the obvious (tote bag or pillow but I think everybody has all they need of those!) and have now gotten myself stuck on the idea of a hussif.  Something that is much more than just an ordinary needlebook - one that would hold all sorts of necessary sewing items in a pretty way.  The pattern has to be relatively simple because I suspect I will be teaching different levels of sewing ability and the actual putting together portion of the class would need to be done on their own, but I also want the finished article to be pretty.  Any suggestions or ideas or places I should check out?  Please leave any suggestions in the comments so we can all benefit.  



  1. Arlene White 2 lessons..Crazy Quilt Christmas Cracker and Hussif.... find under
    Was looking at this earlier today and thought about you. I think you will like to see it even if you don't want to take the class.

  2. What a great idea! I remember my brother had a hussif during WW2 -- Army issue, clothing repairs, military for the use of, not at all pretty, but very practical for needles, threads, scissors, etc.
    I wonder if you would be interested in exploring sites where there might be patterns for carrying musical instruments, such as recorders? my recorder playing friends have some fancy deals, simple construction, pocket with divisions sewn in, the whole to fold over once and be fastened shut. Very compact, nice, and I can see it adapted to sewing needs, too. Similar, I guess to those fancy knitting needle garages. Inside could be felt (easy to sew, no fraying, great to stab needles into safely) and the posh outside can be the crazy quilting.

    anyway, that's my 2c.

  3. Just google "how to make a hussif" and there is a youtube video and a couple (or more) sites that describe them. One says that there is no pattern.

  4. sorry, no ideas - sounds Arabian to me!

  5. A hussif...........never heard of them! Off to google and learn lol

  6. sorry...haven't a clue....I know, I'm useless!


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