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Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend doings

We actually were away overnight which doesn't happen very often. We really can't leave Dad and the dogs for any length of time, but sometimes we can do one night, as long as we come home early the next day.

Anyway...we went to the 'One of A Kind' craft show in Toronto with our #2 son and his GF. It's the first time we've been able to go and it was great. Wish we could have had more than two hours to see everything, but at least we had an overview of what's there and we now know we'll be going again another year.

Two of the artists that really impressed me have web sites, so you can have a look if you'd like. Jamie Brick does the most fantastic sculptures using driftwood, old silver tea service pieces, and a bit of polymer clay for the details. His work is very unusual and very amusing too. You can have a look here.

The other one I fell in love with was a booth full of great little dolls. Kate Church does whimsical and highly detailed dolls. She also teaches classes at the Haliburton School of Fine Arts, but they are quite expensive by the time you are done. I think the week long class itself is $275 which doesn't include the supplies. Then you have to find a place to stay AND your meals on top of that. It would be a wonderful dream to be able to go, but totally out of my financial abilities. Plus which, her work would intimidate the daylights out of me!

There were a number of booths filled with tons of inspirational jackets and vests. Of course our time constraints didn't let me do enough snooping to see what was being done. What I saw sure looked fun though!

Maybe next year.....


  1. hi MA, how good to be able to get to the Toronto OneofaKind. I had a look at Kate Church's dolls, they are superbe. What a shame you can't attend one of her classes, she's well within your capabilities.

  2. Enjoyed the links. I love his work with the driftwood and even his artist statement is something unique. :)

  3. Hmmm, another missed opportunity to meet. Drats! I didn't even get to the OOAK this year. I miss going, but my charge card doesn't. LOL! - Anne Marie


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