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Monday, November 02, 2009

Queen of Hearts is here

The next doll, belonging to Jeanne, in the Art Doll Coolaberation has arrived. There was a great ruckus on my front step this afternoon, which set the dogs barking and the cats running for cover. I reached the door just in time to see the postal vehicle screeching away from the curb, obviously in a tearing hurry to get away. I didn't even have to look to know who had arrived! The Queen of Hearts was here and, in her usual demanding way, wanted OUT of her box to see where she was. I think part of the racket was the Simpsons telling her to shut up, but then again, maybe it was HER telling them to get out of her face. I can't say I wasn't warned about her, so I made sure to stock up on ear plugs and I have a padded room all ready.

The first thing she did when she popped out of her box was to look around my studio and she wasn't long narrowing in on the best seat in the house. She turfed my poor doll out and settled herself, all ready to rock. Now she's demanding a cushion to rest her royal bum upon!

She's a beautiful doll and I can't wait for her to tell me what she wants!


  1. OMG she is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY must make time to join one of those challenges--signed up and haven't done anything but read at the group!

  2. What a hoot! I will be the last to get the Queen, so hopefully by then she will be calmed down. NOT! LOL It will be in May or so and it will be hot and she may not like it here, uh oh, I better get ready!

  3. whoohoo, she is superior and downright beautiful. Are those little party lights i can see adorning her hair?

  4. I think she'll be even more full of herself by the time you get her, Y! She's a handful, that Queen.

  5. Now she's one real looker that doll.
    I said looker not hooker.

  6. Hi Maggie

    You gals are all very talented and I am sure she will be haghty but hapy at all your homes.

    You have such a neat way of talking about these dolls. You should be a writer. I bet the book you are writing re family is going to be very good.



  7. Thats amazing. I'm not surprised there was a racket

  8. My she is looking mighty fine. I love the amount of simpson stickers on the box. That's great.


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