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Thursday, November 12, 2009

of heads and totes

Yvonne and I did a of her wonderful doll heads for one of my denim bags. I got the absolute BEST end of the deal!! Just look at this face. I can hardly wait to start making a doll to go along with it. I just hope I can do it justice!

As for the bag, I tried to make a 'doll' bag, but I can see my photo taking abilities aren't the best. Her hair is pretty much covering her face in the picture. Hopefully Yvonne will have better luck at photographing it. She is juggling..."Wife, Mother, Daughter, Artist, Self" which is a theme I have wanted to do for awhile. This was a perfect excuse! Thanks Yvonne!!!!


  1. Wow I love the tote bag MA and I think the header of this post is very clever.

  2. the tote bag looks good, a great swap.

  3. Nice swap for both of you!

  4. MA, and I thought I was the only one trying to perfect my juggling technique, LOL. It seems to be a womans' destiny doesn't it? I really love your doll bag, very witty and the dolly looks great! Isn't Yvonnes face brilliant? Should make a really nice addition to your doll. Thanks for showing us,
    Christine, in Sydney where a cool change has brought great relief from the heat!!

  5. Love the pics...good work..Great title
    Isn't interesting the way we cdns and the guys in Oz keep throwing little comments at each other about the weather...Pip Pip

  6. I love my tote and I'm just about to put it up on my blog. I'm happy you like the head and can't wait to see what you do with it. I went to guild yesterday and took the tote with me and had all kinds of compliments on it! Thank you MA!


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