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Monday, November 16, 2009

A hedgehog? Who knew!

I know, I've taken leave of what's left of my brain with this one! However, there IS a reason why this little hedgehog got created. Gail added a wonderful pink flamingo to the Queen's journal and I simply HAD to add the hedgehog to go along with it. Hopefully you remember the story of Alice In Wonderland and the croquet match with the flamingo mallets and hedgehogs for balls?

Jack carved the little body and drilled lots of tiny (and I mean lots!) wee holes. I then cut some 'straw' from our broom and glued them, piece by piece, into the holes to create his 'fur'. Then he got a trim job and a face painting and he's done. The whole thing is about 2 1/2" in size.


  1. Very clever and nice to see Jack gets into the spirit with you or is he just trying to keep you out of trouble with the drill?

    He is very cute and this is turning into some great project.

    Keep up the amazing work and keep posting these little surprises.

    Tell Jack that I was reading someone's blog and she mentioned she was going to make his chocolate pie. He is going to be Mr. Chef.



  2. What a delightful little hedgehog, and of course, flamingos and hedgehogs must go together. A lovely surprise and so interesting to read how he/she was created.

  3. oh my, that queen's story is becoming a story unto itself!

  4. SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!

  5. Its fascinating to see the doll progress. Thanks for sharing. BTW, I did'nt know the relevance of the hedgehog....but that's because I never liked Alice in shoot me!!

  6. A truly wonderful addition to the Queen's evolution, MA (and Jack). Love him.

  7. OMG, I would have thought a bit of polymer clay would have done the trick. Bless your hubby and bless you for gluing it all.

  8. This is sooo cute. Good thinking MA and good work Jack!


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