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Monday, November 09, 2009

Dentists and other things

Today I went to the dentist. He is a nice guy. He has a nice office. He has a nice receptionist. He has nice shiny instruments. He has two dead flies in his light fixture.

I have a new filling. My new filling fills the big hole where the old one fell out. I have a big hole in my bank account.

My nice dentist told me that I need one, two, three caps. His nice receptionist told me each one would cost almost one thousand dollars.

I feel sick.


  1. It could be worse. That's the title of a book by James Stevenson. It's a children's book and I remember reading to my little guys. Funny.

  2. Is it worth getting a 2nd opinion? Are those 3 teeth troubling you? Can you break it down to one per year?

  3. Wow! My that's expensive! He better be good for that much money. A lot of people here go to Mexico and get it done cheap!


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