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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mumblings...sort of

I forgot to make any mention of the needlework show,so....the pictures show the book I bought while I was there. 240 pages just like the ones in the second picture. There is inspiration galore! I also picked up a few issues of Fibre Trend magazine and a small package of floche thread from DMC.
The show itself was good - knitting was big, of course. I was happy to see that silk scarves were nowhere to be seen (unlike the last time I was there when it seemed every second booth had them). Beads were very much in evidence but I managed to steer clear of them (which, given my magpie tendencies, was hard!). The Canadian Doll Artists Assoc. booth was somewhat disappointing...many of the artists I 'knew' from other years didn't seem to have dolls on display. There were a lot of wonderful 'sane' quilts (like an idiot, I forgot to take the camera). I was happy to see a small display of mixed media too. I eyed an embellishing machine but didn't buy. Maybe someday. All in all, a fun day for me (not so sure, however, about DH!!).
Yesterday you will have noticed that I didn't post - we were back in the city again (taking my SIL to a medical appointment) and we had to drive in a snow storm! Yuck - snow is a BAD 4-letter word in my vocabulary at the best of times. The ground was pretty much white this morning when we got up and there's still a lot around despite it being a sunny day. I've had enough and am quite ready for spring, thank you very much.
I stumbled on this site and thought you might like to check it out:
Anyone who is interested in what SharonB is proposing for the challenge in 2009, check out her blog at
Oh...shhhh...I'm getting a subscription to 'A Needle Pulling Thread' for Christmas from DH...he got it at the needlework show. Shhhhh.....


  1. glad the s**w is visiting you not me yet.... hopefully a few more days of wet cool weather before our 6 months of white settles in... :-)

  2. That book looks great MA.
    What do you think of next years challege proposals? I like the new stitches one.
    It's not snow time already is it?

  3. Unlike the rest of us, our friend Alison from Australia is hoping for snow. We are happy with our long Indian Summer.

  4. Thanks for sharing the emb book... always love seeing new to me books like these. Wow, you contained yourself well for being a "magpie", for sure. Was good to get caught up with all your posts and photos. PS. Snow heading our way as well and they say "plowable amounts", arrrghhh.

  5. Hey MA
    I ran into a sales rep in the store who said he was from Lindsay and told me you had snow! Just kiddingly...I said to him..."Say Hi to Mary Anne for me!" I explained you live in Lindsay he asked where...and I told him the street...he said No Mom's on that street...a neighbour of yours...3 doors down!
    Small world!

  6. The book looks fantastic - I have not heard about that one.


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