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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Twinkle Toes I'm Not!

Today, against what should be my better judgement, we went canoeing. I haven't so much as been in a canoe for over 25 years but, being a good wife and knowing how much Jack likes canoeing, I put my big girl panties on and went.
Despite his protests to the contrary, that darned canoe is heavy!! Putting it on top of a van is NOT fun. Then standing around waiting for him to put a thousand and one knots in ropes holding the thing down is a lesson in patience let me tell you.
OK..we're off on our adventure. Oops...the 'tire' light is coming on which means we have a problem with a tire. Well then. We stop at the side of the road (perilously close to the traffic I might add) whilst the air gets checked. Ok...onward (gazing at the light every few seconds to see if it changed...WHY do men do that??).
The river we were going to is quite nice (as the picture will attest) and I loved just paddling along (oh...did I happen to mention I can't swim??). Saw a whole flock of geese and a blue heron. I know my shoulders will be screaming blue murder tomorrow.
Then comes 'the REST of the story', which is the point of all this babbling. We arrive back at the spot we put the boat in and Jack wedges it onto the side so that I can get out. My balance isn't the best at any time, so there I am wobbling precariously in the canoe while I'm trying to use the paddle to steady me. Looking good. First leg out. Good. Second leg...oops...the lip of my shoe and the lip of the canoe decided to lock lips and.....flailing rather ingloriously...I tried very hard to make a body-imprint into the gravel/rocks. Jack, of course, being ever helpful, tried his level best not to laugh and, I have to admit, did a fairly good job. Only I could manage to not get wet until the very end!
I'm too old for this!! I won't mention how many places on my body hurt right now....and.....remember those big girl panties I mentioned at the beginning? Yep, you haven't lived til you have to drive nearly an hour...wet!


  1. ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!
    I *can* relate------same story except for Greyman being the "dumpee" :} :} :}

  2. LOL
    Sorry, but it is funny. It could have been worse, you could have been wet from the beginning. Anyway, it is what would have happened to me, I'm sure.


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