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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bad blogger, bad....

Yep, that's me lately and I'm very sorry if you have grown to depend on this blog every day (as if!). #1 son is now home for a couple of days (first time since Christmas) so I've been spending time with him. He's just finished 8 months of grueling school while working full time too and has managed to make the dean's list as a chef. We're very proud of him and our #2 son who has recently been promoted to a manager for Staples. It's so nice to know they're both doing well.
The picture today is of a couple of atc's I just finished up for a trade, which is pretty much all I've managed to accomplish over the last couple of weeks.
Now, just to burst your bubble of anticipation of my return to daily blogging, I hate to inform you that I will be going away for three days (leaving tomorrow) and while I'm away, my computer will be visiting the repair shop. So...I won't be talking to you again til possibly Monday. Please don't behave yourselves and be safe.

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  1. I LOVE THEM!! Thank you!!!!! Ands what a wonderful parcel you sent :} You Da BOMB, Babe.


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