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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Blogger is being stubborn again today and doesn't want to let me put a title on did my own!! Take that, blogger.
I'm happy this afternoon to be able to announce that I have managed to organize my rubber stamps and have gone from a large tote down into two (count 'em...TWO) small holders simply by removing said stamps from their wooden mounting blocks. You will note the ruler being used to show scale (somewhat) with the pile of mounts being recycled elsewhere. The two containers that now hold the bulk of the stamps are the plastic ones you receive when you order a set of stamps from Stampin' Up which measure approx. 9x6x1". The container on the left holds anything to do with words & alphabets. The other holds pretty much everything else. The little plastic container to the right holds all the teeny-tiny stamps that might get lost with the bigger ones. To make retrieval easier (AND to refresh my memory as to what I have) I have numbered the back of each stamp with a permanent marker and have a master 'book' which contains the picture of the stamp and it's corresponding number. I even treated my stamps to a bath!


  1. Hey, great idea for the 'master' catalogue! Think i'll try that with my stencils :}

  2. I have been thinking of doing a catalogue like this but I thought it would end up looking like a novel because I have so many stamps and a lot of them have never been used.
    Will you use the stamps on a perspex block now.


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