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Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm baaaaackk!

Heaven! That's pretty much what the last couple of days have been like. We were at our friends cottage near Haliburton on an absolutely beautiful, unspoiled lake. The weather was lovely the first day, but we had rain yesterday (which isn't a hardship when you're in such a nice place).

We ate FAR too much and laughed just about as much and I feel as though I've been away for days, not just overnight. Talk about the 'pause that refreshes'!

We went for a couple of long walks and saw some of the damage the hurricane that went through there last summer caused. What a mess it must have been, but no cottages were damaged, which was a miracle. We walked with a bit of trepidation though, because bears have been sighted closeby. Actually one broke into a cottage just a few places down and gorged himself quite happily from the fridge. The owners came back from a boat ride and she dashed into the cottage to the bathroom, entirely missing the fact that the bear was in the kitchen! Scary! If I didn't have to 'P' prior to that, I certainly would have when I saw the bear!!!

We went for a lovely boat ride (small pontoon boat) around their bay where we could see some of the mansions people are building and calling them cottages. Must be nice to have money. Our friends have a small cottage with two bedrooms, a bathroom, living room, small kitchen, a big deck overlooking the water and a smaller closed-in porch, but it's nothing fancy in comparison with the majority of the rest around the area. Fortunately the rules state that all cottages must be built back on the property so as to leave the shoreline relatively untouched and wild. Enjoy the pictures (they're clickable to enlarge, as always).

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  1. What a lovely place you are so lucky to have friends like that.


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