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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Of spiders, and webs, and techniques

This afternoon, in our ongoing quest to declutter, we attacked the cold cellar. Literally. There were all sorts of live (and dead already!) critters in there. Yeeewww. We also excavated some pickles and jam made back in the 90's....double yeeewwww! I haven't 'done' pickles in over five years and have absolutely no further intentions of doing cases of canning jars on the way to the recycle and a huge cauldron of 'sludge' (ie. a mixture of pickles and jam) has made it's way to the compost. I won't discuss the rest of the junk we unearthed, because it's just too disgusting for words.
On another's another technique. This one is courtesy of and is called weathered metal. It calls for vinyl tape, but I didn't have any - used good ol' duct tape. Basically you just put tape down onto cardstock, and then paint it lightly with three different colours of paint. Oh yeah, and you sand it before and after you paint. Easy, huh? I didn't know if I was thrilled with it at first, but once I cut it into atc's it is great.

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