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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Now what do you suppose....

.....drinking straws have to do with anything? Hmmmm.......
On another topic, I guess this morning I had best do a general shovel-out of my workroom. When the actual working area dwindles to a tiny little area about ten inches square I know it's time. I am constantly promising myself that THIS time after I clean I will put things away as I'm finished with them. That resolve might last an hour! The creative muse strikes and I'm done for. I even end up with piles on the floor beside my chair, which can be dangerous when I forget and get up in a rush to get something I need right this instant. Doing a face plant on a cement floor (cushioned with a VERY thin layer of tile!!) doesn't seem to do a thing for my muse.
So....I'd better clean. Sigh.

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