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Monday, April 30, 2007

Progress...on two fronts!

Here's some more progress on my bear. The crocheted 'doily' is one my grandmother made (she died in the early 60's, so it's pretty old). To the right of that you can see a floral spray of sorts. The blue bead in the middle is old too. I only have one and needed to find a place for it. I think this works.
The other pictures shows just some of the large plastic totes I've cleaned out!! Like an idiot I forgot to take 'before' pictures of the furnace room so you can really see the progress I'm making. Today I got rid of a whole drawer full (packed!) with doll making 'possibilities'. I know I will never get around to getting anything done with most of it, so I just kept enough to make three dolls - along with enough 'hair' for those three. The rest is gone, gone, gone!! Woo Hoo!

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  1. You're a stronger woman than i, Gunga MaryAnne! :} I'm gonna have to have people over and make hard cash sales to get it outa here, or i'll just pack it all away again!


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