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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bear progress

Here are the promised pictures of the progress on my bear. Since I never can figure out which order the pictures will appear on the blog, my apologies if the commentary is out of order.
The light purple bow was made using a piece of ribbon that Arlee sent me in our swap (thanks Arlee!) held down with a few seed beads. Above that I added a Noah's Ark charm I've been saving for somewhere special.
The white lace heart is one that my friend Jan made with her sewing machine! It too was being saved for something special. Right below it is a seam treatment I did using a double row of chevron stitch highlighted with seed beads. The thread used is a hand-dyed silk. To the left you can see the 'trail' of turquoise beads - already pre-strung and simply couched down.
The last picture shows a bead flower on the left which I love. The petals are beads I had in my collection with a pony bead in the centre. I'm pretty happy with it. The seam treatment on the right has a fly stitch base, lazy daisy stitches for leaves and then the flowers were done in loop stitch using silk ribbon and more seed beads. I rather like how that turned out too.
As always, you can click on these pictures to get them larger! Enjoy.


  1. Anonymous11:12 AM

    The last photo you put will be the first:) Best regards,

  2. How nice to see things used :} Looking very lovely! I think blogger organizes by filename, but i could be wrong.......i have the same problem!


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