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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mail call and How To's

Got some exciting mail today. The picture isn't too clear because I need to recharge the camera. The main one I wanted was the clog pattern and I see it's an updated version I got, which is pretty nice. I haven't compared the new to the older version yet, but it says that it's a narrower foot, which I think I will like better. The sweater is an easy knit Garter Eyelet Pullover from Vermont Fiber Designs. It calls for a bulky weight cotton blend yarn. The final pattern is a Beaded Cable Hat from Friends of Cabin Fever. The detail doesn't show up to much in this picture, but it has cables and beads knitted in.

Now for the how to I promised (for Arlee, whose work I admire a lot and she wants instructions from lowly!). goes. It's the smoke technique from 'Creative Paper Art' by Nancy Welch. The first recommendation I have is to be sure you work very close to a source of water (I worked in the laundry tub) don't want to set your house on fire. Firemen take a dim view of that. I digress.

I coated a sheet of card stock fairly heavily with white glue using a cheap wider brush. Don't allow the glue to dry. Light a candle and move the glued side of the paper slowly back & forth over the flame. You will have to experiment to get the distance between the flame and the paper right...I snuffed out the candle a lot. I then set the sheet aside to finish drying (took overnight). I tried using a heat gun to speed things up...NOT a good idea because it made the glue bubble. Once it's dry, buff it with a paper towel to remove the excess soot. Finally, I sprayed it with a light coat of Varathane clear finish in a matte and allowed to dry. (The book suggested using hair spray or an art fixative too). Then I just cut the sheets into atc size and I was done! A very simple, but effective technique...unless, of course, you burn the house down! Enjoy.

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  1. OO OO OOO I'm bouncin' wanting to try that one!!!!! Thank you!!! If you hear fire engines........ :}


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