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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

And more....

More seam treatments,
a la' Pam Kellogg!

It's been yet another miserable snowy day here.  Cleaned about 4" off the car this morning, and it's continued to snow the rest of the day.  Enough, already!!  I'm cryin' uncle (and aunts, cousins, inlaws, outlaws, and the neighbours!!).

And, from Ann Landers.... "Know thyself.  Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful".  



Boud said...

We have an ice storm. Second storm in two days, causing floods because the last storm blocked the storm drains with snow...power outages, not my house, glad to say.

Great stitching day, though, no?

How often does pie happen? Just wondering here.

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Pretty seam treatments! Yes, I'm tired of the snow too. We don't have that much but it's the cold that's worse. Today it was 10 below zero. Every time I take the dogs out to potty my nose freezes! LOL

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

My goodness, you are on a roll!

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Your seams are fabulous!

Suztats said...

See how much lovely stitching gets done on snow days?

Pamela Kellogg said...

MA, are you trying to work every seam treatment I've ever designed? That would be quite the quilt!!!!

Yes, how often does pie happen? LOL!!!!

It's cold here. Sunny but only 7 degrees. More snow coming this weekend. They said on the radio yesterday that last year, we had a total of 9 inches for the entire Winter season. This year, we're over 50 inches and there's still 3 weeks until March 1st! Personally, I don't know where we can possibly put anymore! The piles around here are so high, I can't see around them to drive my car!