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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

It was a good plan, really it was....

Today I had a plan of something fun to show you.  It was a good plan.  But as some plans are prone to do, it didn't work out.  It was a dud.  A dismal failure.  A flop.  An oops of monumental proportions.  Yes, who knew that here at Chez Magpie something would be done that wouldn't be salvageable. 

A month or so ago your author thought it would be a brilliant plan to send our long-distance grandson a jigsaw puzzle for Christmas.  So far, so good....right?  Said author ordered wonderful large wooden puzzle pieces that would be perfect for little hands to manipulate.  Still good...right?  The plan was to print a picture of the doting grandparents, glue it to said puzzle pieces, and then let the little one have the fun of 'putting us together'.  Well.  The plan was going along swimmingly....until......

The gluing part went perfectly.  The two coats of sealant went beautifully.  And then.....and then.....

How in blazes do you take it apart??

Hmmm.....said Magpie.   Hmmm.....said Magpie's Resident Chef.  Aha....said Magpie.....a fine exacto knife will cut around the edges!  Well, not so much.  The two coats of sealant, to say nothing about the coat of glue, meant that you could no longer see the outlines of the puzzle pieces.

Hmmmm.....said Magpie.   Hmmmm.....said Resident Chef.  Aha....said Chef....we can peel off the picture and start over.  Brilliant....said Magpie.  

This is the point in 'another' story where you remember the words....they huffed, and they puffed, and they blew the house down....

'Nuff said.
(other than may it RIP)

Oh - would you like to see the picture of your author and her Resident Chef?  The one that was *supposed* to grace the ill-fated puzzle?

Today your quote is from Samuel Beckett..."Ever tried.  Ever failed.  No matter.  Try again.  Fail again.  Fail better"


  1. That's a funny story! I bet you can order a custom puzzle from somewhere and let the puzzle maker do the work!

  2. ....and such a lovely photo it is!! Oh well.....perhaps a framed, smiling photo of you and your good husband might be the way to go. =)

  3. That winding tip is just the sort of thing I like! No need to buy a piece of equipment, except I know some people just love tools.

    The jigsaw idea was funny, though a bit sad. All that effort. If you have a friend with a jigsaw, you can do all the gluing and sealing of the pic on a piece of plywood, then do the cutting..but at this point you may have decided to flounce away from the whole thing!

  4. lol! I loved reading this. Though I am sorry that so much effort went into it before you blew the house down. So what are you going to do? Surely there's a way to make a puzzle like you want. That grand idea can't go to waste. Your photo is great, btw!

    1. I'd still like to try to make one so might order some more pieces after Christmas and have another go. Our local copy shop will do puzzles but unfortunately they're for older kids and adults - not the big wooden pieces that are best for the little hands.

  5. Great puzzle idea. Yup, I'm pretty sure you can order puzzles like that one line, even though it would have been so much better to make it yourself. Google that!! Boud had the start of a great thought. I am thinking that a piece of wood that I got to put on top of my sewing table would be perfect. I found it at the building supply near the peg board. It has smooth tops and is 1/8 thick and comes in 2' x 4" sheets. It would be perfect if you cut squiggle pieces to match. Maybe you would have to seal it after it's cut. Don't give up. This puzzle thing is a great idea!!
    xx, Carol

  6. Best laid plans sometime sometimes don’t work out! Your batting average is pretty good though. Great picture but not being colorful the little one might have lost interest.

  7. I am not sure my comment posted. I LOVE your photo and puzzle idea. Now how about gluing that lovely photo to a tray all the family can use? Great idea for winding a skein into a ball of yarn. Never give up...just change the playbook. XO

    1. Don't see a previous comment Sherry, so perhaps it's floating around in the atmosphere somewhere. Puzzle idea isn't quite off the table yet - will do some further research and see if I can find a place that makes them using big pieces.

  8. Oh you know we love your flop stories. So funny. Remember, "Where there is a will, there is a way."

  9. Yes, you found out a lot with that project!
    Thanks for the tips.

  10. I KNOW there are places where you can send a photo and have them make the puzzle. We did that for our boys Ryan and Shane um *cough* about thirty-some years ago. Big, thick cardboard pieces (ok, not wooden...), but they were cheap. And nice. And they’re still nice, which I know because my DGD and I played with them recently...

  11. I certainly enjoy your posts!! The photo puzzle idea was a good one but . . . Excellent links.

  12. Tee hee! I’m sure you will find a way, Mary Anne! Love the photo!
    Love the link to the fancy boot tops ..... I got lost over there, looking through the patterns, as usual!
    Great links, thanks!
    Barbara xx


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