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Monday, June 25, 2018

Sometimes it's just not quite right

Sometimes what you think will work, just doesn't.  Over the weekend I worked at laying down the background for my next barn and it seems that some reversing needs to be done.  I'm simply not happy with the sky area.  It's too bright and it's too dark, both at the same time.  I wanted to have some indication of a sunrise but the oranges and yellows are just too 'much' and the upper part of the sky is just too dark for what I'm planning to add later on. will be changing.  Watch this space!

Another anonymous quote..."I'm too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener"


  1. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Hi Maryanne what a shame you have to unpick,i am enjoying your pics coming to life xx

  2. So interesting how you bring a barn scene to life, Maryanne.

  3. Oh, the dreaded unpicking.....such a tedious chore. I always look forward seeing the progression of your amazing barns.

  4. Love the sky for sunset but if your going for sunrise I gues you need to brighten up the dark parts.

  5. I like watching your progress and thinking process. Thanks for sharing.
    That 'interviewing', testing, is a real part of creating isn't it?
    The results will be good.

  6. Oh, I will be watching. I'm fascinated already. It looks beautiful to me, but if you say it's not right I know something even better must be coming. ;^)

  7. MA, even famous artists have altered their work before the finish- even painted over some; there are no rules. Actually we had a vivid red/orange/yellow sky and almost black above, at 5.30am just recently. We're in winter now.
    Whatever you do will be great.

  8. It looks god to me. Those CQ templates are very very tempting.

  9. Thanks for sharing your creative journey. It's not often that someone posts about the things that don't turn out right the first time. Good luck!


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