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Saturday, February 03, 2018

14 + 1 - (4 +1) = ?

I'm a day late in posting this AND (maybe worse!) I don't have any pictures for you.  You DON'T want to see my cleaning/purging efforts in my sewing room which is what's been happening behind the scenes here at Chez Magpie.

Many of you will remember my true confession earlier of having FAR to many buttons for any person in this world.  Fourteen (large!) jars AND a nearly full shoe box (see what I mean?  Too many!).  So....I've been spending my evenings sorting through them and....drumroll.....I am now down to *only* 10 jars! 

Ten jars that look like this....

The only problem is that, although my plan was to get RID of the empty jars, they have now been snatched up by my DH for use in the kitchen.  Drat - I almost had them out the door.....

I'm happy to announce that the spring issue of 'Crazy Quilt Quarterly' magazine is now available!  There are some wonderful articles, how to's and eye candy in this issue and you can get your own by going  HERE  (or you can click on the picture of the current issue in my sidebar!).

Please remember that we are constantly searching for content for the magazine and welcome YOUR contributions!  We are looking for how to articles, photos of your work, and any crazy quilting tips you want to share.  You can go HERE for further guidelines.  The magazine is entirely reader-written so please don't be shy!

- If you are a football fan and are having people over to watch the big game, perhaps you might like to serve THIS.  Or maybe THESE?  Or THIS?

- Seeing THIS made the wheels start to turn.  Wouldn't it be fun to create a page like this; make copies (perhaps one for each month) and then write the names of the books you read in the 'spines'?  At the end of the year you'd have a fun record of all you read.  Hmmmm......???

- THESE would be cute to make for Easter.

- and THESE are cute too!

- If you'd like to make a wee teddy bear, how about THIS one?  And HERE is a pdf for a simple bear.

This is another quote from an anonymous source..."The quieter you become, the more you can hear"


  1. I know I really must do something about/with my button stash. I give you a lot of credit for all that sorting. And I love that quote.

  2. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Hi sounds like you are having a bit of a spring clean ,which is what i need to do as well,i dont have any jars as such just a heap of boxes,thats my job today to have a clean out. The mag looks to be a great idea,hope you have a lovely day xx

  3. Love your buttons! I look forward to purchasing my copy of the CQ Quarterly. :) And I love your quote.

  4. I love pretty buttons, colour coded all lined up in a row. AND.....yes I would love to see the progress of you cleaning your sewing room....but then I am a wee bit strange. =)

  5. Button Button...Who’s got the Button? Mary Anne has not only the Button, she has ALL the Buttons! Lots if yum and fun in your links. No Super Bowl parties for us this year. I will be hosting my local Chamber of Commerce Visitor and Tourism office. Our weather has been Sunny and Glorious so I should be very busy! Serene Sunday Dear...<3

  6. Oh dear all those jars bring back memories. I didn't have ten jars but I did have enough to be cringe worthy. I'm now down to a drawer full.

  7. Hahaha - that's usually how it goes. I think you may need a 12 step program for button hoarders though lol. Love those little chicks and that elephant pattern! Too cute!

  8. You're getting some reorganizing done and that is a funny story how you're husband took the empty jars to the kitchen!
    The little crocheted chicks are adorable and arranged beautifully in the photo, wow.
    Thanks for the tips.

  9. I think you should post a photo of your whole button collection. I bet it is lovely!

  10. Well, I for one, would love to see pictures of your purging efforts. But I totally understand your not posting any. ;^) I'd also love to see all ten jars of buttons. What a pretty sight that must be!

  11. The button jars are eye candy! Nice to have in your sewing space. Thanks for the links too.

  12. well actually, since you mention it, I do want to see your purge! It might inspire me to do the same.


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