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Friday, January 15, 2016

Guess what? Oh no - mumblings again!

Today has pretty much been spent working on an article for the summer issue of the 'Crazy Quilt Quarterly' magazine, so I have no pictures I am allowed to show you.  So, guess what I'm going to do?

1.  There's what's shaping up to be a cute free block of the month quilt  (called 'A Touch of Fun) just started.  You have to download the pattern each month (and I think you have to sign up for their newsletter - which isn't hard!).  Go HERE for more info.  Looks like a great stash buster!

2.  If you happen to like Cookie Monster, here's a free pattern to make one for yourself (or a little one).  And the designer also has a free pattern for Elmo too!

3.  And for those of you who are Star Wars fans, how about a free pattern for a BB-8?  Oh, and if you like coloring how about the links HERE for tons of Star Wars themed pages?  Some of them might be fun for embroidery too.

4.  I am a bit late telling you about this, but Kathy Shaw has opened registrations for her free Basic Crazy Quilt online class and you have until midnight tonight to register.  More info HERE.  Well worth taking this class!!

5.  There's a fun article HERE for making paintbrushes out of household materials.  It's geared towards kids, but why should they have all the fun??

6.  Mary Corbet has done a review on the cutest little mini embroidery hoop frames that would be perfect for framing little embroidery pieces (perhaps for Christmas ornaments?).  It can be found HERE.  

And I can't just give you need a 
picture too....right?.....

Gotta love Maxine!  Now, here's your quote for today, from A.A. Milne.... "One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries"


  1. My life is brimming over with exciting discoveries....

  2. Great links! Thank you. :) Is it sad that I looked at the adult coloring sheets and saw them as appliques for templates or embroidery patterns?

  3. Thanks for the great links Mary Anne! Hope you are enjoying a good weekend! Christine x

  4. I continue to enjoy your links you find and share...thank you. Sunday Serenity...

  5. Those mini embroidery hoops are great!

  6. Oh Yay Renee!! that is the same thing I always think!! LOVE MAXINE!!

  7. Another bunch of interesting links! Thanks. I do like the homemade paint brushes and will copy the link into One Note.

  8. Thanks for the info, hope your writing goes well.

  9. Orderly or just plain old does about the same thing....oh, when did I buy this? ... happens all the time around here....

    I have to say I wouldn't have the same thoughts as Maxine if I saw THOSE "boys" ..hahhahah .... I'd be wanting to hit on 'em, but they'd think I was a silly ol' lady....sigh........I sure hate getting old.


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