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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A couple of announcements and a decided lack of stitching

I've been playing about with the likes of these pictures....

Old family photos that have been hidden away in a box for years (and years!).  I've been busily scanning them into Ancestry and then bundling them up to pass along to various family members.  It's a massive job, but fun to see them.

From this experience, I cannot stress enough the importance of labeling your pictures with names and dates!!!  Future generations will thank you.  Yes, you know who the people are, but will your grandchildren know?  There are so many wonderful old pictures that I'm throwing away, simply because there is no way to identify them. be you make it your project for 2016 and get those pictures out and label them?  I challenge you!

There's a couple of things I wanted to let you know about...

1.  Pam Kellogg is searching for articles and pictures for the 'Crazy Quilt Quarterly' magazine that have old family photos and family history.  Do you have an heirloom crazy quilt?  Have you done a project using old family photos?  We want to see them!  Please go HERE and read more about it.

2.  AND - get ready - the newest issue of the 'Crazy Quilt Quarterly' will be available on February 1st.  I have my advance copy and I can tell you that it's filled with great eye candy and articles.  There's a tutorial for a steampunk bunny, as well as a crazy quilt one (that was a challenge I took part in) and lots more to inspire you.  Here's the cover...

AND, that's not all!  Pam is also releasing a book that's chock full of eye candy!  I can tell you that it's a beauty and I can't wait to get my copy so I can be inspired.  It will be available in mid-February.

I'll let you know the purchase details as soon as they become available.  

Today the quote is from Margaret Lee Runbeck...."Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling" 


  1. But if those pix have interesting features -- clothing, utensils, tools, buildings, photo studio ID, and so on, they are still valuable for social history even if the people's names are unknown.

  2. Old photos are great - so many stories!

  3. You are doing a wonderful thing cataloguing all those photographs Mary Anne. It is a time-consuming job! Thank you for all the information on the latest CQQ Magazine and Pam's book.... I'll have to add them to my 'wishlist'! Christine x

  4. Oh gosh, pictures in a box. Pictures on the internet loaded here and a a photo site..on a stick or a little square thingy who's name escapes me..oh yea..card something or other. I like the paper pics better..sometimes. Can't make up my mind. One thing for sure no matter what pics you have, they MUST be organized.
    xx, Carol

  5. You are preserving history with your photo works. It does take time but it is such a valuable legacy for future generations. I have an Aunt who just passed away and she was the last link to that side of family. It is strange to realize there is no one to ask or answer questions any longer. Preserve those memories people. Great quote dear...

  6. I look forward to ordering my copy of the Crazy Quilt Quarterly! :)

    Your photo project sounds massive, but so worth the time!

  7. That is a big project, to go through old photos, looks like you have a treasure.
    Thanks for the info.
    Good quote.

  8. Almost fell off my chair when I read you threw away old photos!
    They would have made great "faux" relatives for some mixed media artist out there ;-)
    I myself have adopted wayyyy too many faux relatives and need to use up some of my stash. I have officially stopped collecting them.
    You are so right about labeling for posterity MA.
    Alot of work but well worth it.
    Great manner of traveling quote

  9. Love the Ancestry Ma <3 Something I have always wanted to learn and explore. I'm afraid I don't have any info of my family to help me do this though :(
    Looking forward to the new publishing's and eye candy inspiration myself!

  10. I totally agree about labeling pictures. I have an old picture of my dad with who I thought was my uncle who was married to my dad's sister. NOT!! It is his younger brother that until I started doing our family tree didn't even know existed. Now I can see the resemblance...sheesh.

  11. I could never throw old family photos away, even unlabelled!
    Great to see your photos - it's so interesting to see how people used to dress and look!
    Barbara xx

  12. May have to get our stitchy club library that book!
    And yes , putting names on pictures is so helpful, ask me how I know too lol

  13. I have a lot of pictures without names, but I'm an optimist and just know I will find out who they are one day. Love having photos to go with the old names in the family tree. It makes them seem more real. I have my old family wall hanging but have already shown it for CQJP 2012. Nothing new.


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