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Friday, January 22, 2016

Something a little different!

Another of my friends is happily expecting a new grandbaby in the spring and being that the father of the baby practically grew up in our house, I simply have to make sure the wee one has some special things.

This is crocheted, using my now favourite go-to pattern (thanks MEK!!) for the main part and an out-of-my head border.  There's enough yarn left over to make a wee little sweater and perhaps either matching bootees or a hat.  

I'd happily show you a close up of the pattern, but
it seems Blogger is having 'issues' and won't let me.

You might want to check this site out.  The artist makes simply amazing felted animals and birds.

Today your quote is from Abraham Sutzkever...."If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older"


  1. I love crocheted baby blankets, such a perfect gift!
    Yes, good quote, you can always be young inside.

  2. This blanket looks so lovely and soft. I love the pattern and as for the edging that is fabulous.

  3. What a lovely soft colour. Lucky baby.

  4. Beautiful baby blanket and your crochet border is stunning. Wow I thought those were real critters in the link. Truly amazing!
    I always keep my little girl with me. She has more fun than I as the adult have. Creative Baby Bliss...

  5. What a lovely little baby blanket. Such a pretty pattern! Enjoy your weekend! Christine x

  6. Those animals are amazing!!

    That is such a pretty little blanket pattern. What is the stitch? Google let me embiggen the pic, but I couldn't tell. I sure like the way you finished it off.
    xx, Carol

  7. Beautiful baby blanket.
    Felted animals in link are incredible!

  8. Your blanket is a lovely finish, Mary Anne. The perfect present for a wee baby.

  9. It is gorgeous.! Wow! You crochet so well.

  10. Your blanket is beautiful. What is your favorite go to pattern called- or where could I get it from? Thanks

  11. Crocheted baby blankets are wonderful gifts. Beautiful border.
    Great quote too.

  12. That's when handmade presents truly shine, given in love to the ones we love x

  13. that's so pretty....all my sons friends who spent their childhoods here are at the getting married stage. It won't be long until there are babies too I think....


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