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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Some more

First, thank you for all the input and suggestions re my question about tablets.  They were much appreciated!  With the help of #2 Son, there is a 'Samsung Galaxy Tab 4' on the way...there's also something called a 'wireless router' that arrived at my door this afternoon.  I suppose that now means that there will be another great learning curve happening at Chez Magpie!  Scary thought.  

There has been a bit more progress on my latest hussif project....

The long seam to the left of the scissors has been completed - there might be something happen yet to break up that long expanse, but will wait & see how it looks overall when the rest is done.  I also added a second sewing machine (cross stitch on waste canvas).  

Finally, here's your quote for today, from Richard Flournov & Lewis Foster...."There are two kinds of people:  those who don't do what they want to do, so they write down in a diary about what they haven't done, and those who haven't time to write about it because they're out doing it"


  1. Oh my, your hussif just gets prettier and prettier. Love it! Great quote...the second part of the quote sounds rather like me.

  2. Your Hussif stitchings are beautiful. Love the little sewing machine you added. I am always late to the creative repurposing party...all my brass and glass lamps went to a guy who took them to his ranch in Mexico. I really like the terrariums. Fun quote that resembles something my husband is always fits me so well that I always ignore what the actual saying is. Happy Friday...

  3. Love the progress on the hussif! Glad to hear your son was able to help you decide on your latest gadget. It is so difficult to choose when there are so many options! Have fun with your new toy! That quote is so true! Barbara xx

  4. More beautiful additions to your hussif Mary Anne! I really love this black and white project, it is looking lovely! I took that ICQC class with Kathy last year, it is a lovely class and I learned lots! Good luck with the new technology! Have a great weekend! Christine x

  5. We don't often see those lovely leaded framed light shades in the charity shops sadly but yes they looks great reused like that!
    That black and white looks great! really striking.

  6. That book is very very tempting:)

  7. yes, Samsung Galaxy. My husband swears by his and it definiteley keeps him quiet!!


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