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Monday, January 12, 2015

Roses, roses....everywhere!

Yes, there are roses everywhere.  No real ones, unfortunately, but stitched ones are almost as good.

When I completed this little heart I was almost ridiculously happy with it. It only measures a little over one inch in height!  Cross stitch on waste canvas and silk ribbon flowers.

This rose reminds me of the embroidery that my grandmother did.  Just simple outline stitch.

A yellow rose - done using a blackwork pattern, also on waste canvas.

(Do you think I ought to have stock in the waste canvas company?)

Today the quote is from William Hazlitt...."None but those who are happy in themselves can make others so"


  1. Beautiful roses MA! I can't believe the top one is only about an inch! I would need magnifiers! It's fun to pull out work with a theme and post it. I may have to steal this idea.

  2. love all your roses. i have packages of different sized waste canvas but i hate using it....not that it's difficult....i just don't like stitching over that canvas. it's just not as enjoyable for me as stitching on the fabric.

  3. Beautiful roses. Waste canvas is so useful!

  4. Happy to have found our blog through Swathed in Stitch. Love the roses!

  5. You are indeed making excellent use of the waste that little heart!

  6. Your hearts are all lovely! The heart is my favorite. I would be ridiculously happy with it, too. Beautiful work!

    Waste canvas is such a handy tool.

  7. Love all your roses, especially the little SRE ones.

  8. Your roses are all so pretty, but I'm really attracted to the heart--so delicate! I have some waste canvas, but haven't used it yet, though after seeing your creations I am tempted to dig it!...slap my wrist... have to finish the wedding piece first!
    Borrowing your quote to share-thanks.


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