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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

More hussif progress

I've done a few more areas on my hussif as you can see from these photos...

The small seam treatment (above) is simply done with cross stitch on waste canvas.

To the left....the lower seam treatment combines a design from Pam Kellogg as well as some silk ribbon roses that were gifted to me (thank you Irene!).  The seam to the right is another cross stitch/waste canvas one.  The roses on the upper left are pre-done on a hankie.

  Below shows more use of waste canvas (the large rose and the 
swag seam).  Above you can see another rose
from a hankie, and the seam is feather stitch
with silk ribbon spider web roses and beads.

Today the quote is from Frank Bering.... "Live your life and forget your age"


  1. Beautiful cross stitch embellishment. I agree with your quote, some things are not worth fixating on. have a good day, MM.

  2. Mary Anne, love this layout. Looks like summer. Great work on this piece

  3. I see something beautiful in each addition. Those Spider roses are the best.

  4. Beautiful stitching work.
    I came across your link by way of Gentlework and was happy to discover a girl from my neck of the woods.You are no doubt in the middle of this deep freeze right along with me...

  5. Such beautiful work. Thank you for sharing :)


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