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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Need your input....please

Further to the possible imminent demise of my computer I'd like to ask those of you who own any form of computer tablet your thoughts on them.  Good, bad, indifferent....I need to hear it all.  If you are in like with the one you're using will you share the name and model?  Does it talk nicely to the internet?  Anything you think I need to know would be most welcome!!  TIA!

I spent nearly all day printing off pictures that I have stored on my computer...just in case they float out to the inter-ether never to be seen again.  I've been meaning to do that chore but it's always been easier to just procrastinate.  The ones I really value are now printed off and if I lose the rest I'm not going to be overly sad. 

Obviously while all this printing and sorting was going on there was absolutely NO stitching done....therefore no pictures to share with you.  During my clean out I found a few 'funnies' I hadn't shared so here they are for you...

Here's a picture of our new grand-dog,
a 3year old white German Shepherd
His name is Kumo, which is
'cloud' in Japanese.

Isn't he handsome?  

Today the quote is from Eleanor Roosevelt (and was chosen because it's exactly how I feel about the step into the unknown I might be taking with this technology upgrade I'm facing).....  "You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.  You are able to say to yourself "I lived through this horror, I can take the next thing that comes along"


  1. the most important thing i did for myself about 3 years ago was to pay for a backup service so no matter what happened to my computer,all my stuff is backed up. it is well worth the $55 a year i pay....and when i got my new computer, i was able to download everything from the backup site which is encoded so only i can access the info. i use Carbonite but there are lots of other less expensive choices these days with all the 'cloud' storage available. i have lots of friends who have an ipad and are very happy with it. i still like my desktop....although i have a Kindle Fire but don't use it much except for carrying with me to read books.

  2. I don't have a tablet, but Handsome Son does and he finds he's not very happy with the onscreen keyboard, really likes the physical touch of his computer keyboard, he's a mad rapid typist, and finds that the touch screen in general is not very intuitive for him. YMMV of course, but it's just a thought.

    He hasn't had any problems about internet use, emailing, etc., but then he's not uploading pix to a blog, either.

  3. Kumo is the perfect name for such a good looking boy!
    I will watching the comments you receive on the tablets...I have been thinking of purchasing one. I do think I would want one with a USB port.

  4. I have a Lenovo Z50 laptop, but have only had it a couple of weeks. So far, I am happy with it. I love that the keyboard has a 10-key. Many laptops do not have CD drives now. I like that this one does.

    As much as I loved being able to read emails and blogs with my iPad, I could not post to my blog from it or edit posts from it (only load a partial page would load and that was all I could access of a post.) It was also quirky about letting me leave comments. It would freeze mid-comment. Sometimes I could close the browser and return and it would work. Other times, I could not.

  5. I have an iPad Touch that I got about a year ago when my computer crashed. I've got the Blogger app but I can't say I like it. You can easily add photos from your iPad but when you put in text you can't change the font, add links or any of the things I like to do with my blog. (If you can I wasn't able to figure it out) If you go to the browser and go to the blog you can do all of that but the text is small and fingers are large so it gets a little difficult. I now have a desktop and blog mostly from that. However I find that if I have a photo on my iPad I load it into the app, save it and then go to the desktop to do the rest. I do like being able to take it anywhere I go and have everything I need in one place.
    If you do get one you can get a small attachment for your camera so you can load photos directly from camera to iPad.
    Most of the apps are a subset of what the software would be, which also makes them much less expensive. I put in a photoshop app for about $10. It doesn't have all of the bells and whistles but it works o.k. I think that is the most expensive one I have. Many apps are free and there are a lot of cool ones out there.
    If you have any other questions just e-mail me!

  6. I can still fit into my earrings from hi-school too!! Aren't we amazing! I'm hanging with you for sure, girl friend. I love the whipped cream snitch, good idea, it is Friday, I'm feeling a little frisky too.
    I take chances and fall on my face and I don't feel stronger, I just figure that's life. Where's the stronger button?

  7. Mary-Anne, we are totally loving the freedom of my cell with completely all the data I can afford. I use it mostly for checking emails, calls and staying in touch messaging and communicating with google +, my blog and I use my laptop when its more in dept research I do. Its all very affordable and is portable for a downsizing couple.

  8. A tablet is a great take a long. Or read the web from your recliner. I think most don't support flash, so you can't read everything you want to. I have a Nexus 7 which interfaces with google in all things. I don't like the blogger app either though. No matter what, my desk top is my go to for all things computer. The tablet is NOT a computer.

    If you are going to replace your desktop, I suggest that you get an external hard drive and copy your files to it. That is what I did last year and have access to all my pictures, downloads etc.
    xx, Carol

  9. no tablet here so can't help on that one but I would suggest you e mail the images to yourself......

  10. What a handsome dog!
    : )


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