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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Revisiting....a dragon!

There has been a bit of discussion going on in the online class (Swathed in Stitch) that I'm taking with Karen Ruane about dragons and I mentioned that I have a resident studio dragon that oversees my work from above.  Her name is 'Ellyllon' (Elly for short) and is one of my favourite creations.

 Here she is, perched atop some of my
button collection, in a great position to oversee
all that goes on in my studio.

She was created in 2010 from a pattern ('Draconis') designed by Amy of Anlina Designs.  Amy was kind enough to ask me to be a pattern tester for her and this is what came from her pattern. I was hugely excited and honoured to be asked to test her pattern and even happier to become the mom of Ellyllon. 

If you'd like to see more pictures and read more you can go to my original post HERE

Today the quote is from Seneca..... "What a great blessing is a friend with a heart so trusty you may safely bury all your secrets in it"


Boud said...

So this is the dragon you mentioned in my blog a while ago! well, I wouldn't mind if my snake plant attracted one of these..

Renee said...

Elly is simply precious! And your quote made me smile. It is oh so true.

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Elly is a fantastic dragon and a perfect studio companion. So since you were discussing dragons in your whitework class, does this mean that you'll be stitching one on your latest class work?

Mosaic Magpie said...

I have heard of a Kitchen a Sewing Room Dragon....and Elly is lovely!

janie krig said...

Now that shakes things up a bit, doesn't it? From roses on white to lady dragons!

Suztats said...

She looks well trained! And cute, too.

DJH said...

So cute! I love how she is looking over you. Thank you for inviting me over.