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Monday, November 03, 2014

Sweater for baby

Over the weekend I finished this little sweater for a baby shower gift...

The pattern is 'Little Coffee Bean', 
knitted top down, and is
by Elizabeth Smith.
Available on Ravelry.

Over the weekend I was totally upset to realize that I had lost the sapphire from my 25th anniversary ring - it's somewhere in the apartment I'm sure but hasn't surfaced, unfortunately.  DH did a very thorough vacuuming in hopes that it would be found but nothing showed up.  I know it can be replaced but I'm sentimental and it just won't be the same.

Today the quote is from anonymous.... "The easiest way to find something around the house is to buy a replacement"   (who knows, that might just happen!)


  1. That sweater is wonderful. I always loved it when someone knitted my baby a sweater. You will make someone feel special.
    I hope you find the lost piece!

  2. That is a totally cute sweater! some lucky baby.

    And is there any chance the sapphire fell into your glove? I wonder, if the weather suddenly needed gloves, if that happened? not unheard of way to mislay a precious stone from a ring. Let's hope you find it, and you don't need to buy an entire new ring..on the other hand that might not be such a bad way to go.

  3. Cute sweater. Sorry to hear about your ring. I lost a small diamond out or my band and had to replace it. Several months later I was in my bosses office and something sparkled on the rug .... sure enough it was my diamond! So have faith it may turn up!

  4. So sorry about your ring. I hope the stone shows up.
    That sweater is adorable - great yarn. What kind is it?

  5. Look in the chair cushions where you stitch...and in the knitting bag!

  6. So sweet sweater!

    I feel for you with loosing your gemstone. We just replaced my two lost wedding rings from when I had a concussion. I was blue for a while about

  7. Oh I feel for you so much about the stone. I once mislaid my engagement ring when I worked in the school and was inconsolable. I just took it off to apply hand cream. It was found eventually but they were the longest two hours of my life.
    I love this little cardigan. I used to make hand knit cardigans and sweaters for my two when they were babies.


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