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Friday, November 28, 2014

A couple of things to see/do

(because you really don't want to see that the only thing I managed to do today was wrap a few presents!).

And, because I don't have any pictures of anything I'm doing to show you...

Cuteness is good!
(Image found on the 'net, source unknown)

Today the quote is from Marquise Du Deffand.... "The distance is nothing.  It's only the first step that is important"


  1. About your Grow your Blog button. I signed up some time ago, haven't heard anything yet and wonder where you get the button html? or is that something that will be sent to me in due course? very foggy about how this works, as you see.

  2. Thanks for the 'linky party' info, I'll pop over and take a look.
    Lol at your chicken/puppy pic. Reminds me that I must take a photo of my white dove who is in love with my white miniature Jack Russell pooch.

  3. Thanks for sharing ideas, I love the mother hen sharing her warmness and the little chick hoping to get in on it too. How cute is that?

  4. Snug as a bug in a a lamb under a chicken! Cute

  5. wrapping presents.....I've been doing that too


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