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Monday, August 18, 2014

progress on white

I spent much of the weekend updating my labels in my sidebar so if there's anything there that you might be interested in exploring further there might be some new content to see.  It was a mind-numbing process for sure but long overdue. 

This shows another completed section of my second white cloth.  I love the peacock which is a very vintage embroidery piece.  It needed a bit of repair so I could use it (for some reason his feet and beak had gone awol!).

And this piece is the beginning of a new section. 

Today the quote is from Ralph Waldo Emerson.... 'Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm"


  1. Really beautiful piece, thanks for sharing.
    We had our carpets cleaned,always a bit of an uproar moving things around and then trying to stay off wet carpet.

  2. beautiful progress Mary star!!

  3. LOVE it! Good job restoring the peacock to his former glory!

  4. the peacock looks great. The new piece is amazing.

  5. Nice peacock. Adore that beginning on the new section! White cloth fever!

  6. Perfect quote and that pretty peacock caught my eye immediately!
    (almost seems like the thread for those portions may have been weak...just a guess)...
    lovely seeing your white work pieces come together and the tatting from your friend certainly is almost a lost art...
    My mother who did most everything never got the hang of tatting...I'm sure a good teacher could have made all the difference
    Happy Weekend to you and yours


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