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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

and...another one bites the dust (needle?)

Despite how it looks, the lines ARE straight!!

Benjamin Franklin once said.... " Wealth is not his, that has it, but his who enjoys it"


  1. Very lovely and romantic, honestly too many straight lines are awfully boring.
    Good quote,....enjoy!

  2. I don't seem to be visiting often enough, but this is lively!

  3. Gorgeous! Is this a block or your white cloth?

  4. your a real embroiderer when you can stitch a suggestion of perspective gal!
    Its fab x

  5. straight lines??? what are they???

  6. Very nice! I like how the bottom of the monogrammed oval looks like the pocket flap for the creamy square. It must be soothing to stitch on these all white pieces.


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