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Friday, August 22, 2014

Another section, and collaboration

Here's another section for my second white cloth...

Several parts of this were taken from vintage dresser scarves and small tablecloths. 

The 'thing' on the middle left is a padded form that I then wove with crochet cotton and then surrounded with bullion knots.

As always, you can click to embiggen!

For the 'collaboration' portion of this post, here's a picture of a Prayer Shawl that I completed for a friend.  She loves to knit the squares in various patterns, but doesn't care for the putting together aspect of the project.  I put them together and crochet an edging.  We have done a number of these and I finally decided I should show you one.

Today the quote is from Sharon McAuliffe.... "Better to bloom late in life than to not bloom at dry up as a bud and never release what has been hidden"


  1. Hi Mary Magpie .. i hope thats ok that I call you that ... i love magpie but i just can't call you just that. haha. I finally had some time to come over and read your blog today. I LOVE the prayer shawl. That is beautiful. I go to a stitching social once a week and some of the ladies there are knitting some beautiful things. I have not tried knitting much. I hope to soon though.!! Thank you for coming over to my blog .. you have kept me going really!!! I love the white cloths you are stitching also!!

  2. I like how your white cloth is coming along.
    I know exactly how your friend feels. I don't much like the putting together either.

  3. Glad to see you are keeping busy and out of mischief.
    Re-tatting, its a good portable craft, perfect for an airplane.

  4. I like that,"embiggen", lovely work, as usual.

  5. Lovely work. I love that shawl...very pretty.

  6. White! Lovely cloth, MA.I really like the 'thing'. The prayer cloth is beautiful.

  7. I'm glad you said that part was padded. Instantly I could see it as raised. Up till then it looked like a hollow, very interesting optical illusion, but I was going to ask you how you did it!

    And the prayer shawl is lovely. Great teamwork, too. Which all fits in with the concept.

  8. well you know I adore your wrapping cloth, covet it actually but I also love the wool blanket. It reminds me so much of winter snuggling.


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