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Sunday, August 17, 2014

problems with comments?

Is anyone else having difficulties with leaving comments on blogs?  I have noticed two things that are driving me nuts.  The first being that I type a lovely comment, click to publish it and am sent to sign in with my google account (that part is all normal), and then when I go back to finish the publishing process my comment has disappeared and I have to re-type it.  It only happens on a few blogs and there's no rhyme nor reason as to which ones and when it will happen. 

The other issue is that the word verification seems to be messed up - when I look for the 'word' I am presented with a picture instead of the usual gobbeldy-gook that we are supposed to type in to prove we are not a robot.  I end up having to click on the little icon to the right that looks like a circle with an arrow in order to get a useable verification code. 

Am I going nuts (well, more so than usual!);  is it my computer; or are any of you noticing the same problems? 


  1. i do have some problems leaving a comment on some blogs but not the same problems you are having. i sign into my google account first thing in the morning before i visit any blogs. try that....maybe it will work. lots of those verification pictures have a number in the center that is not always easy to see.

  2. That second thing just happened to me. A blurry picture -- please type this! huh? so I just typed 1111 and it worked anyway. The other thing might be that damn Google Plus. I refuse to leave comments on blogs that use it, since you have to fill in a kind of questionnaire thing before you can comment, and then there's no going back -- they've signed you up to Google Plus. Noooooo.

  3. Not yet had that problem BUT I have had issues with people commenting on my blog. Normally, all comments go to my email address automatically and I reply from there. There are a couple of my regular commenters where I never get their comments in my email anymore. I have to go to my blog post to see who has commented and if there are odd ones that I haven't replied to, I cut and paste their comments onto a reply email.

  4. I used to have my yahoo email automatically pick up comments for me, as well as another email address I use. Recently yahoo totally fails to do it, until, get this, I've already gone in and moderated comments, using the prompts from my other email address! then suddenly yahoo huffs and puffs and produces the comments! mysterious stuff...

  5. I have had problem two often, but not one, but I used to but not anymore. I got so that I would copy my comment before I hit publish.

    Delores, I had that issue and I know why it happens and its not going to change. If you email me, I'll tell you what I know.

    crldelater at yahoo dot com

  6. Ditto!! Some of my nice comments have been ruined because of the google sign in.So now I make sure that I copy the comment before I click the publish button.
    Moreover, Iam using bloglovin to subscribe to my blogs and it doesn't let me comment at all. So I've type the address of the blog where I want to comment again in the address bar, load it again in a new window and then comment. Sigh!!

  7. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Can I suggest that before you leave the page, for whatever reason, you highlight the whole text and 'copy', then, if the problem re-occurs, you can simply 'paste' the message back in again!
    Best wishes, Val.

  8. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Hi there old friend. Just talking to Susan Smith Lesche on FB and we thought of you. Thinking of doing another project together. As far as trouble with comments....I had to quit my blog because of the many problems. I got so frustrated. But anyway nice to see you again. will try to visit more. Email me at sometime.
    Yvonne Q.

  9. Commenting trouble seems to be hit or miss. deanna7trees has a good idea about signing in first, that does seem to help. I hate the verification business, especially when they have the comment moderation on...what is the point, they can delete unwanted comments there. I recently read a blog post where they were complaining about the jumbled up word verification and not wanting to comment on blogs that had it....when I went to comment they HAD the word verification on their blog!
    Somehow this comment has become a rant...I will leave now and go back to look at your lovely whitework until my blood pressure lowers.

  10. Yahoo keeps fixing things that aren't broke, it seems to me, and in the process makes problems for their users. I've had both problems occasionally but not too often. I also copy some of my messages to paste if, and there's only 1 commenter that doesn't get through on my email so it's not a biggy, so far.

  11. yes Ive done that, left a comment and then been asked to sign in, despite already having signed in - and then the comments gone!
    cyber terrorism lol


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