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Monday, August 05, 2013

Progress on the denim purse....

Last week something fun arrived in the mail and I've done a little playing.  SharonB has wonderful plastic stencils on offer which make marking out seams for crazy quilting a breeze.  They also come with an extensive 'book' of seam suggestions, but of course you can do your own 'thing'.  Here's what one of her stencils looks like...

Go HERE to find out more about these, and
purchase your own!!
I'm certainly glad I did.

Now for some pictures of what I've been creating...

In the above picture, I have used one of Sharon's stencils to create the
scroll pattern on the left.  You can also see two of Pam Kellogg's
seam treatments from her 'Elegant Crazy Quilt Seam Treatments' books, in this case the motif
on the right and the seam at the bottom.

Above you can see another use of Sharon's stencils to create the
seam on the upper left.  There's two more of Pam's seams as well
(the motif in the middle and the seam on the right).

Above is another of Pam's seams on the bottom.

and above are two more of Pam's treatments...
the motif in the middle and the seam on the right.

p.s. I have no affiliation with either of these artists, but highly recommend you check them out and discover the many talents they possess.


  1. You are sweet MA! Thank you! Love your stitching! I've been playing with Sharon's stencils too along with my charted seam treatments. I love the combinations of combining the 2 techniques! Pam

  2. You have been busy!!! Looking good.

  3. Nice stitching, MA!

  4. Pretty pretty pretty!

  5. Your creations are always so beautiful...pure inspiration everytime I visit you. Hope your summer is going well.

  6. Sharon's stencils certainly make your stitching look even more beautiful.
    Love the blues of denim!
    Always lovely to hear from you Mary Anne!
    Have a lovely weekend stitching!
    x Suzy

  7. I do like the look of that template....


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