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Friday, August 30, 2013

An item - of questionable use?

I have three of these in my possession and I'm wondering if anyone happens to know what they might have been used for.  The other two are currently wrapped in a fine yarn (definitely now rotten from age and unusable).

It has a hole through the entire inside and measures 9" in length.  I'm wondering if it could be used in some form of weaving and Irene wonders if perhaps it might be a drop spindle of sorts.

Any ideas?



  1. That's a commercial bobbin. No idea what type of sewing the threads were used FOR though. I have several of them. Very pretty, aren't thet?

  2. Yarn bobbins and they make great bodies for art dolls!

  3. I can agree, it is a commercially used yarn bobbin, as used in the the old mills and yes they are brill for making art dolls!
    Ive used a couple as the central form for dolls.
    Ive also seen them used as coat pegs but at head height you could take your eye out with them lol

    Im almost all packed and awaiting a completion date at last. Tho Im going to have to bed n breakfast, maybe coach holiday and then stay with my daughtera week or so, before I get the keys to the new-to- me place.frustrating lol

  4. Etaoin3:47 PM

    Yes indeed. These are end-feed weaving bobbins that would be fitted into shuttles used on commercial looms, usually with a flying shuttle. That type of loom is being replaced in many applications with air-shuttles, where the thread is shot into the weft with air pressure. Your bobbins have see a lot of fabric in their day!

  5. Yes I have seen them but also didn't quite know what they were used for but now I know. I used to have a loom many years ago for weaving but only used shuttles.
    I think they are so gorgeous and look absolutely beautiful wrapped in lace!
    Thanks for visiting dear friend!
    As always,

  6. they are very handsome...
    I too think they are old fashioned yarn bobbins

  7. Dear Mary Anne

    I'm glad you got your answer!
    That's what I love about blogging, there's always someone out there who can help!
    I just love Deb's idea of the art doll.

    Have an inspiring week and thank you for your comments!

    much love and hugs
    Shane xox

  8. they would be lovely just to ''own''...they are very appealing

  9. Hello hello... thanks for your comment on my blog! I have a great new use for these spindles. For some unknown reason I bid on 82 of these on Ebay a few months ago, and Won!

    New use? Well, I started making Spirit dolls a few months ago and haven't wanted to use the traditional doll stands. So I made a mound of terracotta clay and stuck a spindle in the middle of it. Then, when I make a Spirit doll, I incorporate a slender dowel into her body. The thin dowel fits nicely into the spindle and... tada! I've got an organic, up-cycled doll stand! I'm thrilled I found a use for the dowels and that I have a fabulous source for doll stands. I'll post pictures on my blog one of these days.


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