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Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring = Allergies

I have a love/hate relationship with spring.  I love the new growth, the flowers, the birds returning and all the lovely shades of green.  I hate the fact that my eyes swell up, the sneezing, and the sniffling.  I'm sure people must wonder what on earth is wrong with me because I go about looking as though I've been through a huge crying jag.  All this despite living on extra strength allergy meds.  Argh!!  Oh well, once the trees are in full leaf I will be able to breath again (I hope).


  1. oh poor daughter suffered terribly with hay fever as a child but thankfully now seems to be over it....take care of yourself!

  2. Atchoo, I feel for atchoo, you, I do, atchoo....this year I have allergies I never had before! I even had to get a new eye medicine for the resulting trouble, gah. But yes, it is beautiful, all the leaves opening....atchoo....

  3. They just had a clip on allergies on the news tonight.

  4. Me allergies are just acting up....but my feet are cozy. xoxox

  5. How frustrating for you MA, as spring is such a wonderful time in the garden.... my son has always had allergies and sneezes and splutters just like you, so I understand.

    Stay inside and do your stitching - you have my permission (as if you need it) ha ha!!

  6. Thanks for the links--I'm off to check them out!

  7. I SOOOO hear you.
    Mowed the other day; by evening I thought I would be going to E.R.
    And I have a feeling with the rain and our strange Spring, everything will pollinate ALL...AT...ONCE.
    (buy stock in Kleenex..)


  8. Hi Mary Anne,

    I've had allergies all my life but I still adore Spring! Last night, by the time I went to bed, my right eye was swollen shut and it itched something terrible. At least it was normal when I woke up today!

    Hugs, Pam

  9. it must be difficult, hope it passes soon.

  10. Hi MA ... while I personally do not suffer from allergies ... I know it must be awful for you to have this love/hate thing going on in spring!

    How can you enjoy a season that makes you feel so miserable?

    Do stay indoors & stitch ... unless of course you need a Timmy's fix ... then just go for it ...throw all caution to the wind ... and do what you must!

    Hugs ... marie

  11. I have stinkin' allergies too. Claritin D works best for me, but they limit how much you can buy.

    Loved the link you posted (the one you got through Kathy). I'm off to check out the others now.



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