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Wednesday, March 07, 2012



  1. Thank you so much for that link. Really useful.

  2. Thanks for posting that link: I'm off to check it out. I HATE proving I'm not a robot!

  3. I'm puzzled by her worry about getting so much spam. Why is this a problem, when blogger's spamblock is excellent? it only goes into the spam file, which you look at now and then, and delete where necessary. I guess I don't see why this is a bother, since your posters don't get to see it.

    And I don't believe in abolishing anonymous postings, since many of my friends have no accounts of the kind that blogger permits, and I don't want to abolish their input.

    I think it should be as easy as possible to leave comments, not be like an obstacle race! I don't even bother moderating comments. I guess if ever I run into problems with that I will enable it, but it simply hasn't been necessary. I used to do it, but stopped as a test, and found it wasn't necessary.

    Now this may be a function of commercial blogs, which mine isn't. But then I should have thought all the more reason to make it easy to drop by and comment!

    Anyway, my 2c.

  4. I have turned word verification off. It is so annoying.

  5. Thanks MA - it seems I comply with Karen's suggestions - phew blogging is getting complicated....

  6. Good link MA~~thanks for including it. Wish everyone would READ it and apply the changes.
    I am so visually off at the moment, I have had to give up leaving comments more than once due to those squirrely words!
    Of course, there's the OTHER Blogger issue about no comment box showing up AT ALL.
    It's like they don't want us to communicate....
    And thanks for the pattern! LOL on losing the note---I do that all the time and don't clean that often to find them!


  7. Anonymous9:47 AM

    I don't have an account..I am not that smart when it comes to computers. But sometimes items are worthy of a comment. I am sorry that things are happening with word verifications and spam but it guess it can't be to be me!
    Susie Q
    aka Mrs Noofy

  8. Thank you for sharing this link....I so hope those that have the word verification on their comments...will take it off! It is so hard to read and takes too much time and effort!


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