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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Score # 2

Here's another of the books I got at the second hand book store at a REALLY good price!

This book is what could be classed as a 'coffee table book' and was published in 1986 at which time the cover price was listed at $95 US.  I managed to bring it home for $25 which I thought was a steal.  The inspiration in this book is absolutely astounding, even though I have no intentions of trying to make any of these pieces.  I will have fun reading every word though and drooling over most of the pictures (all in colour, I might add). 

Here's one of the pieces I really like...


  1. 2 times in my hands on my table but not mine maybe one time it is mine love the book

  2. you are so right, these books are so full of inspiration......I love that white piece where's my sewing machine!! Ha, not a chance....

  3. Wow MA ... what a double score!

    There's just something wonderful about cool old books like these ... kinda captures a period gone by ... for us to revisit.

    Way cool!

    Hugs ... Marie

  4. Gosh what a bargain. Nice buy!

  5. Wow. Will you be making a felt jacket for yourself?

  6. Fantastic book - so much pleasure.

  7. Oh these look lovely! Happy Thursday to you. xoxo


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