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Sunday, March 18, 2012

computer wizards

Hi all - it's me, back again from the computer-less abyss - thanks be to #2 son and his computer wizardry.  Apparently my hard drive fried, for reasons only known to itself, and left me high and dry.  He has installed a new hard drive and is now hard at work re-installing the rest of my programs.  He kindly loaned me the use of his notebook until we can get together and he can return mine. 

I've been curious about using a laptop/notebook and have decided that they really aren't for me, at least not for the long haul.  It's fun to experiment with this little thing but I find the mouse being at the base of the keyboard to be beyond frustrating.  I was a secretary and spent years typing and can't get my head around the keyboard not being at the bottom edge.  I know - I need to get with the times!

Anyway, I'm back in a limited way.  There won't be any pictures for another couple of weeks and you'll just have to put up with my mumblings.  Poor you!!


  1. Welcome back. You were severely missed. I luv my notebook, though...but I do use a plug in mouse, not that horrible touchpad thing.

  2. Good to know you are making progress witht he technology.

    I have two lap tops which I am thrilled with - one for work and one for me. The work one is really old but very reliable. This one is good too and it goes lots of places with me.

    Cheers, Dian.

  3. Hi MA,

    I think it's just a matter of getting used to it. When I first got my laptop, I just couldn't get into it for all the same reasons.

    When I got sick, I couldn't stand to be confined to my little room where my big computer is so I pulled out my laptop, bought a real mouse for it and now, I only use the big computer when I need the printer or scanner.

    The more you type on the laptop, the more you get used to it. I had trouble at first because the keyboard is smaller and I too didn't like that the keyboard wasn't at the edge. But honestly, I love this computer and the next time I need one, it'll just be another laptop. No more big tower computers that take up so much space.

    Hugs, Pam

  4. Ive got a laptop now but use a plugged in usb mouse rather than the blessed gadget with my finger.
    My finger obviously has no discipline lol but I do now prefer the laptop.
    Glad youve got access again to the net, amazing how much of a link it is and when its not working......gosh dont you miss it!

  5. mumble on that's ok, at least we know everything is ok

  6. Hi MA ... I feel your frustration! It so sucks when your means fo communication is down ... so Thank Goodnes for #2 son who has assisted you to get back in the blogging world ... we're glad you're out there!

    Hugs ... Marie


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