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Monday, January 09, 2012

Going loopy!

Today is the long-awaited beginning of the 'Embroider, Stitch, Create' online class under the capable direction of Karen Ruane (who has been long admired on this front).  I'm SO excited about this class and have been counting the days until it begins.

This morning the first lesson was posted and I had a grand time learning to make rouleau loops - something I have never attempted because I was totally intimidated by having to turn those little tubes of fabric right side out.  Karen has a way that is so simple and now I know I'll be making lots of these.

This is only three that I made today....


  1. oh, lucky you taking Karen's class! Wish I could have been there.......well, maybe later this year.
    Enjoy your class!

  2. Holey moley girl you're quick off the mark.

  3. Karen,s class that is so very wunderful have fun

  4. I'll be really interested to see how Karen's claas goes - I would love to be there too but like Suztats, hopefully I can manage it later in the year.
    New granddaughter and all - expensive time ahead - trip to France and all!!

    Beautiful loops MA - I'm v impressed!!!
    Shane x

  5. hey i like your new blog style, very sophisticat.

  6. woo hoo!!! get this picture on flickr!! In the group!!! Top of the class girl!!

  7. Awesome! I'm impressed. :)

  8. It's great fun to learn a new technique! I love your enthusiasm. Keep showing us what you make!

  9. Don't you just love Karen's work? I'm always blown when I visit her blog!


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